In 2003 I had the honor of a solo exhibition at the Marianna Kistler-Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. I very much wanted to make one more work before the opening date, and I enlisted the help of museum staff and friends to complete this piece, “Bonnie & Clyde Car.” The car is patterned after a 1934 Ford and is made from hand-cut and formed steel, salvaged from shelving, with oil can headlights and baby buggy wheels. The location of these images is approximately 30 minutes drive from Topeka, Kansas, where the real Bonnie and Clyde stole from a driveway the 1934 Ford Sedan in which they ultimately met their demise. The ammunition used to shoot my version of the story is from the estate of the author William S. Burroughs and was generously gifted to me by the owner of the rifles, professional photographer Jon Blumb of Lawrence, Kansas¬† The rest, as they say, is history, sort of. Photos here taken by Bill North.