H. Maxwell Fisher’s Underground Toy Emporium & Spaceship Parking

“With the recent passing of H. Maxwell Fisher–visionary toy shopkeeper and pioneer amateur space aeronaut–Jim Kempner Fine Art, in collaboration with Mr. Fisher’s eldest son, H. Maxwell Fisher II, is pleased to announce the estate sale of the toy store’s entire remaining – and for that matter, what was indeed the store’s opening day – stock. Also offered for sale is the senior Mr. Fisher’s personal hand-built spacecraft, the “Fisher FireFly”. The FireFly may be viewed at the location of both the store, “H. Maxwell Fisher’s Underground Toy Emporium” and the ill-fated landing site of Mr. Fisher senior’s last flight, directly adjacent to Jim Kempner Fine Art gallery in Chelsea, New York City. –Albert Goldbarth.

This is exactly the type of inner monologue running through the head of artist Randy Regier as he scavenges dumps, secondhand stores, yard sales and other thrifty locations, looking for the perfect components for his newest invention. Jim Kempner Fine Art is pleased to present, for his New York City debut, the work of Randy Regier in H. Maxwell Fisher’s Underground Toy Emporium and Spaceship Parking.”

501 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

November 10 - December 23, 2011